Thursday, 20 May 2010


I decided to make the most of the glorious weather today and went for a swim in the North sea. We went at about half 5 and the sun made the sky look nice and hazy against the sea. You couldn't really tell where the sky began. I liked it. 
There was, however quite an angry looking seal that was sharing the sea with us, which was a little unnerving. 

It was also a brill chance to take some pictures with my new little Diana mini camera! I can't wait to get them developed. It'll make a nice change to actually hold some photographs in my hands, rather than look at them on a screen like I usually do.

I shall post some of them on here when I get them....

I will leave you with some pieces of work by Anna Betts. They are so refreshing and nice! I'm saving up my pennies. 
Have a look at her shop.....


  1. oh wow id love to live near enough to the sea to do that! seals are so cute, they are my favourite animals!

  2. Haha they are quite cute, he just took me by surprise!

  3. Oh I like the last one..very cute!


  4. Okay, so where are you living, again?
    Ha ha I guess it took me a little by surprise when you said, "there was an angry looking seal". Where are there any kind of seals that you swim with?
    But so neat, again, about your new camera!
    Can't wait to see your photographs

  5. I live in Hull... Quite a few seals in the North Sea! Thankyou, I cant wait to get my photographs developed.

  6. ohhh!. Very nice shop.
    I've enjoyed browsing your work too.

    please vote for MM