Saturday, 26 February 2011

Just something...

.....I'm working on. 
I will show you the finished result. When it's finished. 

I've been painting pretty much all day. I thought I would take advantage of a day to myself. I slowed down earlier but now I have got a second wind.

A flower a day...

.....Keeps shrews from sitting on your head.

A few of these things are available from my Etsy shop.

For 10% just enter FUNFRIDAY.

But sshhh, don't tell everyone!

Friday, 25 February 2011

Bright things...

I'm having an afternoon to myself today and I like it. 
I'm half watching Garden State whilst painting. 
I like it. 
I'm relaxed and content with myself. 
I'm thinking about traveling around Eastern Europe in Summer and I'm excited. I like exploring new places. I don't really want a career. I think they're made up things. I do know that I want to paint and draw though so I'd quite like that as my job. 

I recommend watching the film Garden State if you've not already seen it. If you have, watch it again.

What do you think to these three little paintings?

Not as sunny, but frogs are jumping...

It's not as sunny as  yesterday, but Spring is definately on its way. Frogs are having little get togethers in their ponds and flowers are sprouting. 

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Spring is upon us.

I have been in Dublin for the last few days. (Pictures soon). Spring arrived whilst I was there, which was a nice surprise as I was expecting rain! I have been painting Spring things. 

What are your favourite things about Spring? I like the daffs.

Monday, 14 February 2011

A Tiny Drawing sale extravaganza!!

Recently, I have been mostly enjoying drawing tiny things on tiny bits of card. You can bag yourself one of these ORIGINAL paintings for just £10.00! They look lovely in a frame...

It felt like Spring today for a wee bit! I got excited. I can't wait for a bit of camping and wild swimming. 

A strange gift.

I never know whether I'm a fan of Valentines Day or not. Instead of buying something, I decided to paint these rather nice pebbles I found at the beach on Saturday. They are a pair of sloths. I hope Mark likes them. I also hope he doesn't see this before I give them to him. 

Thursday, 10 February 2011

In the midst...

In the midst of lots of painting, (enjoying shades of green this evening, I will show you the results another time) I created James. I'm not sure he likes being squashed up in a frame but it's tough.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

I used to....

I used to only be able to work on very large pieces of paper. No matter how I tried I couldn't constrain my drawings and paintings. 

It's strange that now, I find myself working on a much smaller scale, drawing pictures of tiny things. I wonder if it's because I no longer have the freedom of a studio space at uni to spread out in (and often get quite messy with paint).

Not that it's a bad thing, maybe it's something I have recently learnt to do?

Does my environment directly effect the things I make? I don't know. Just a thought really before I go to sleep! Interesting me anyway!

Here are some small pictures I have made. I'm planning to make a whole series of sets to be sold, each having a different theme. Keep your eyes peeled my friends. 

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Rain rain rain.....

A rainy hanging mobile type thing. 

She's a cloud lady and she likes making rain. 

You can now also find my work at 

This website is also full of other wonderful work which is for sale. I've been eyeing up some cushions.....