Tuesday, 31 May 2011

I found a treasure!

I'm nearing the end of my wedding invite designs and they'll be ready to print in the next couple of days. I'm rather excited. I took a little break today to take some things to the charity shop. It' a good feeling......
I bought a spectacular little book for 99 pence. I had to share it. It's so strange and good.

'The Dog-faced Baboon is from the Coast of Guinea; it is very ferocious and disgusting when fully grown.'

On a less monkyish note, the flowers I planted are looking nice and colourful...

I like flowers and I like pocket sized books.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A picnic? Yes please...

I have a new picnic and I love it so much. My mum gave me it and last weekend I finally had the chance to use it! I made a birthday picnic for my boyfriend's birthday which involved brie, cake, crisps, beer, scrumpy, chocolate rolls, dib-dabs and balloons.

I even made a new friend, as you can see. A wonderful time was had by all. 

On a separate note, I have almost finished the final designs for my wedding invite commission. I can't wait to get them printed!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

I have returned.

Last week, my boyfriend and I packed a tent, some blankets, wetsuits and a tent and went on our travels. We ended up in Wales, on the south-west coast. I must say that Welsh people are extremely friendly.

We camped here and there, the first night on a very windy, but beautiful beach. 

After a few days we ended up in Glastonbury. I have never been before-it's got a pretty good tor.

Here are some of the things that I saw and did and liked:

-We made a huge fire on the beach.
-Ate salmon on a bbq.
-Watched two seals play and dance with each other for a long time.
-Jumped of the side of a disused, flooded quarry.
-Swam in the sea.
-Built kerns.
-Made friends with a boat man.
-Jumped into a waterfall.
-Watched the Royal Wedding and drank guinness.
-Played crazy golf.
-Climbed the tor and nearly got blown away.
-Watched the stars.
-Ate a curry.
-Sampled some scrumpy.

There's a great bookshop on Glastonbury called The Speaking Tree. The books are cheap....I treated myself to a few. This one was only £6.00...
I love everything about this book.

I had a wonderful week...
The creative cogs in my brain are turning.