Thursday, 24 June 2010

Things I have seen that I like.

I really like the colour of this old motorbike. I also like the brown seat and the light at the front. I'd quite like to ride around on this, I think it's much nicer to look at than modern ones.

I also like these little grates on the walls. I'm not sure what they're for.

Still haven't got my Diana photographs developed! My car has been a bit broken, however it is fixed now....Developing my photos is on the TOP of my to do list for this weekend. The list is growing to be rather long I must say....


  1. Hi Victoria,
    Shaun says hello and he misses you, but he likes presiding over our espresso machine.
    Have you done any new creatures?
    Thanks for what you said about my work. :)

    Julie Fillo

  2. Oh I like your style! These are pretty little things :)