Wednesday, 4 May 2011

I have returned.

Last week, my boyfriend and I packed a tent, some blankets, wetsuits and a tent and went on our travels. We ended up in Wales, on the south-west coast. I must say that Welsh people are extremely friendly.

We camped here and there, the first night on a very windy, but beautiful beach. 

After a few days we ended up in Glastonbury. I have never been before-it's got a pretty good tor.

Here are some of the things that I saw and did and liked:

-We made a huge fire on the beach.
-Ate salmon on a bbq.
-Watched two seals play and dance with each other for a long time.
-Jumped of the side of a disused, flooded quarry.
-Swam in the sea.
-Built kerns.
-Made friends with a boat man.
-Jumped into a waterfall.
-Watched the Royal Wedding and drank guinness.
-Played crazy golf.
-Climbed the tor and nearly got blown away.
-Watched the stars.
-Ate a curry.
-Sampled some scrumpy.

There's a great bookshop on Glastonbury called The Speaking Tree. The books are cheap....I treated myself to a few. This one was only £6.00...
I love everything about this book.

I had a wonderful week...
The creative cogs in my brain are turning.


  1. this break
    lucky you
    am a tad


  2. victoria,
    i found you through heather's etsy treasury.
    i lovelovelove your blog/creations/presence.
    i'm following for sure.
    i have found a
    t r e a s u r e
    this morning.

  3. Well I am ever so glad you found my blog....and like it! Thanks so much.

  4. That sounds like an amazing weekend straight out of a movie! Hello from a fellow etsian!