Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sewing and Listening.

This evening I have been sewing some new creatures to send to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park for their gallery shop. Im really pleased that people like these and have bought them! I think I will paint more of a summery background for these ones, seeing as it's summer. (Well it's supposed to be...)

I shall keep you posted.

I'm listening to the Into The Wild soundtrack. I love this film... I thoroughly recommend watching it. 


  1. Hi Victoria :-) I love your little creatures, I really like the expression on this creature especially the freckles. I am not surprised people have been buying these.

    Into the Wild is an amazing film, I bet the sound track is great to listen to especially when doing creative things.

    By the way, I am attending a Book making workshop next weekend at Artlink. Did not know whether you would be interested in this sort of thing? It is only £10 for the whole weekend. I have been wanting to learn this skill for ages.

  2. Oh, they are so cute! You've really found your niche!
    I LOVE Into the Wild. I've watched it several times. The soundtrack really makes that movie. Eddie Vedder's voice is so soothing.

  3. Thanks you two! I'm very much enjoying sewing and painting these little creatures at the moment....

    £10 for the whole weekend? That's quite a bargain. Book binding was part of my course at uni, but I wouldn't mind brushing up on it. I shall have a look into it, sounds fun! Thank you...

  4. She's lovely! I like her mischievous expression.