Monday, 17 January 2011

Different places I would like to live. Number one.


I visited Amsterdam last year. These are some photographs I took.
I liked it there a lot. I would like to see more of Holland.
I would also like to live on a house boat there for a wee bit. Preferably one with a little garden. 
The buildings look like they're leaning up against each other, like someone has hammered a couple of extra ones in, squashing them all together. I went on a boat tour. I like boat tours.


  1. Holland is really special. I once went to an art gallery in a forrest just outside of Amsterdam. At the gates we had to leave our coach, and mount a fleet of white bicycles. We then had to cycle to find the heart of the woods where the gallery was. It was cool.

  2. Oh wow that sounds wonderful.....I would definitely like to do that nexttimeI go.....Can you remember the name of it?

  3. After looking through the filing cabinet in my brain, and my photo album, I can tell you that it was called the Kroller Muller. It was fun!

  4. Oh thanks! I'm not sure when I'll be going next, but I can get the ferry easily from I hope it's soon! Sounds fun...