Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A sunny day...

A sunny day for printing!

Here is a sneak peak of a few of my prints which will be included in the Pop Up Print Shop at SMUG. Camden Passage, London.

I am at the printers now looking out of the window and it's a beautiful sunny day. The trees look happy. Do pop down to SMUG if you can...

I hope you are having a nice day too.  


  1. These are really lovely, I especially like the first with the radios :-)

  2. Opps I meant, I especially like the first illustration with the radios :-)

  3. We like them too! Can't wait to have them in the Pop Up Print Shop and to get our exclusive on the wall! - SMUG

  4. Thanks guys... I like it when people like my drawings. I really do.

  5. :D i visited smug last friday and just had to buy your 'good digging' print, so lovely! and i bought one of your christmas cards too ... but not to give anyone, oh no, i'm keeping it all to myself X