Saturday, 21 January 2012

A Valentine's Day Card.

This nice boy is now available as a card in my Etsy shop....with free postage! 

In other news, I watched West Side Story for the first time ever last night and cried my eyes out! 
I loved it.


  1. Cute card! I just went and saw West Side Story last weekend! The musical was coming through Portland for a couple months. It's so good!

  2. Very cute!
    I have never seen West Side Story. Is it a good cry or a bad cry?
    Last movie I cried my eyes out was Hachi. It was intense! But a very good movie too.

  3. me encantan tus personajes, saludos desde Chile!

  4. Thanks everyone! A good cry... I have never seen Hachi, I shall have to check it out.

  5. He is a lovely boy isn't he, very innocent but also a great sense of longing......

  6. This card is so sweet! I love your illustrations, and this is one of my favorites :)